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Premade Blesta Themes

All of Zomex's Blesta Templates use a PHP structure and are made up of HTML. We recommend purchasing this format only if you have some HTML experience or wish to learn HTML. If not we recommend comparing our other template formats as we provide some that do not require any code editing.

Stellar Stellar $99.99
Stellar Template
Stellar is a fully responsive Blesta Template that has many features and includes free support. Order Now
Mono Mono $99.99
Mono Template
Mono is a fully responsive Blesta Template meaning it will automatically adjust to fit the size of the device your visitor is using. Order Now
Glaze Glaze $99.99
Glaze Template
Glaze includes ready-made sales pages to display your products/services. All pages have exclusive out of the box content and support multi-display options. Built with HTML they can be edited easily. Order Now
Prosper Prosper $99.99
Prosper Template
Prosper comes with an optional Blesta Template that will match the design/content of your HTML Template for a pixel perfect integration. Easy 5 minutes process following our guide. The integration cost is $30/Year Order Now